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Founded in 2009, Basant Chaudhary Foundation is a non-profit organization that aspires to empower underprivileged section of the Nepalese society. Over the years, we have witnessed numerous challenges and obstacles faced by marginalized people. Whether it is natural disaster, health emergency live Covid-19 pandemic or any challenge to education, sports, arts, culture and heritage, we have always been in the forefront with immediate relief and sustainable solutions. BCF’s relief endeavors have touched the lives of thousands of people in villages across the country. The foundation has also established partnerships with like-minded organizations and groups to increase its reach and impact.

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Late Bhuramal Chaudhary and Lunkarandas Chaudhary created the cornerstone for Bhuramal Lunkarandas, a trading company largely dealing in Indian textiles, 140 years ago. It is on that foundation that the prominent business conglomerate BLC stands proudly in Nepal today. Though using modern technology and management systems for continuous growth, BLC remains wedded to values promoted and preserved by its founders. The conglomerate has remained focused on development of society especially in education, health and agriculture sectors. It has scrupulously kept away from businesses which may hurt people. It is this concern for social good that prompted the board of directors of BLC to set up a non-profit initiative called Basant Chaudhary Foundation In 2009.




To work to enhance the capacity to build strong partnership with government and non-government agencies in Nepal and abroad to strengthen the living standard of the underprivileged people in Nepal.


To focus on nurturing and promoting Healthcare & Emergency relief, Education & Sports, Art, Culture, Heritage and Women empowerment.

Our Values Drive Engagement with Our Stakeholders

Our Core Values


The BCF as an institution will function as problem-solver, pace setter and innovator in its areas of domain. The match with the vision we will help needy communities through project conducted with transparency. Our own funding initiatives coupled with partnership with drive us towards our philanthropic goals.


The BCF has profound respect for our partner agencies, NGO’s and INGO for their contribution in terms of funds, time and knowledge. The foundation will share and learn the successful models of humanitarian activities carried out by them to support the downtrodden society. We Welcome philanthropic individuals, companies and organizations with relevant experience in the field to deliver best possible results through our projects.


Social welfare venture is a tough call, consuming substantial time. The foundation is ready to face challenges and look forward the partners to display similar resilience.